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Sunnah refers to the  way of life  or lifestyle and habits of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); everything about His character, the way he prayed, slept and conversed with people etc. The Prophet (PBUH) used to teach the Sunnah to his companions verbally and practically and urged them to follow it. 

Hadith on the other hand is a narration of the exact sayings, actions and approvals and disapproval of the Prophet(PBUH), in other words a Hadith is a narration about a Sunnah. 

The Hadith and the Sunnah form the basis of the daily practices in a Muslim life. They teach Muslims how to live their lives, and to understand and follow the teachings of the Qur'an.

As a mercy to humankind, Allah sent the Holy Qur’an (a book of truth) and an example of how to live according to it,  i.e, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Allah informed Prophet Muhammad of the divine revelation and appointed him to convey it, explain it, and live it as an example to humankind.

"And We have not revealed to you the Book, [O Muhammad], except for you to make clear to them that wherein they have differed and as guidance and mercy for a people who believe." (Qur’an, 16:64)

The Hadith are collected in six books, these books include all the 6 authentic collection of Ahadith referred to in Arabic as "Al-Kutub Al-Sittah", which translates as"The Authentic Six".

These six books are the works of 6 Islamic scholars who, a few years after Prophet Muhammad's death collected "hadith" (the prophet's sayings and traditions) and painstakingly compiled the ones that they could attribute directly to Prophet Muhammad.

After the Quran, these 6 books form the cornerstone of the Muslim (Sunni) faith and traditions as they provide a further elaboration of the Quran's sayings and commandments.

The following are the English translation of the books that form part of the authentic six collection-:

1. Sahih Bukhari, Author: Imam Bukhari  ( Translation of the meaning Arabic-English)

Vol 1 / Vol 2 / Vol 3 / Vol 4 / Vol 5 / Vol 6 / Vol 7 / Vol 8 / Vol 9

2. Sahih Muslim,  Author: Imam Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj (English Translation)

Vol 1 / Vol 2 / Vol 3 / Vol 4/ Vol 5Vol 6 / Vol 7

3. Sunan An-Nasa'i Author: Imam An-Nasai (English Translation)
Vol 1Vol 2 / Vol 3 / Vol 4 / Vol 5 / Vol 6

4. Sunan Abu Dawood, Author: Imam Abu Dawood (English Translation)
Vol 1 /  Vol 2 / Vol 3 / Vol 4 / Vol 5

5. Jami Al-Tirmidhi, Author Hafiz Abu Eisa At-Tirmidhi  (English Translation)
Vol 1 /  Vol 2 / Vol 3 / Vol 4 / Vol 5 / Vol 6

6. Sunan Ibn Majah, Author: Imam ibn Majah Al-Qazwini  (English Translation)
Vol 1 /  Vol 2 / Vol 3 / Vol 4 / Vol 5

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