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Salat al Jum'ah is the Friday congregational prayer,  prayed just after noon instead of the Dhuhr prayer. If praying at home alone then the regular Dhuhr  is prayed. The Sunnah prayers are normally offered individually and no Adhan or Iqamah is needed for those extra prayers​​

*Witr has an odd number of rakat prayed in pairs, with the final rak'at prayed separately. Therefore, as little as one rakat can be prayed, and eleven at most. Witr Prayer can be performed immediately after the sunnah Prayer following `Isha’, or it can be performed just before sleeping, or after Tahajjud (optional Late Night Prayer).

If one performs more than three rak`ahs of Witr, one performs them in units of two rak`ahs each and the last three rak`ahs can be offered like Maghrib, or the last rak`ah alone is also possible



Prayers in Islam are classified into categories based on degrees of obligation and are prayed at various times during the course of the day and night.

The  Five daily prayers consist  of a number of Rak'at which are classified by obligation as follows-:

​1. Fard: Is compulsory. 
​2. Wajib: Is Obligatory (the obligation is a bit less than Fardh). 
​​​​3. Sunnah: are those salah that our Prophet (PBUH) performed regularly other than the compulsory (fardh) and wajib (obligatory) prayers. The following are the two types of Sunnah Salah.

(a) Sunnah Mu'akkadah – Constant practice of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He used to observe this Salah daily and regularly without fail and had encouraged his followers to do so.

(b) Sunnah Ghair Mu'akkadah – Practice of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) but there may be occasions when it was left out without any excuse.
4. Nafl: A voluntary Salah to earn more rewards from Allah SWT and for upliftment of one's soul.

The Five  daily Fard  prayers or salah times are as follows-:
1. Fajr: (morning prayer) prayed from dawn until just before sunrise.  
2. Dhur: (noon Prayer) prayed after the sun's zenith until later afternoon.  
3. Asr: (late afternoon prayer) prayed from later afternoon until just before sunset 
4. Magrib: (sunset prayer)  prayed from sunset  until just before twilight 
5. Isha: (night prayer) prayed from twilight until dawn 

Please note that other than the five daily Fard (Compulsory) Salah (Prayers), the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), offered many different category of  Salah (Prayers) at different times for different occasions throughout his life.

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5 Daily Salah with rak'ah chart.pdf

-Mu'akkadah (Emphasised)

-Ghair Mu'akkadah (Not emphasised)

-First 2 rak'at recited aloud


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