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Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim
In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

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Illustrated Steps in salah  (Male Version).pdf

Illustrated Steps in Salah (Female Version).pdf

Please note that a MALE and a FEMALE perform Salah in almost the same manner however there are  a few differences which are listed below-:

Before performing Salah:

A female should ensure that her entire body, except her face, hands from wrist to fingertips) and feet (below the ankles), should be covered with clothes. Feet should be kept close together when standing for Salah. Fingers  should be kept close together during the entire Salah.

A male must cover the part of the body from the navel to just below the knees.


A female raises her hands only to the level of her shoulders.

A Male raises this hands to the level of his ear.

Qiyam(Standing posture ):

A female places both hands on her chest; the palm of the right hand is placed on top of the fingers of the left hand.

A male places his hand just under the belly button with the palm of the right hand over the back of the left hand gripping the wrist of  the left hand with the thumb and the little finger of the right hand and extend the three straight along the forearm

Ruku (Bowing)- 

A Female bows down only so much that her hands reach her knees; not to grip her  knees but to place her hands gently on them.  Her arms are kept close to her body.

A Male bows with his back   held parallel to the floor and at a right angle to the leg, the head should be same level as the back with eyes focused on the feet. Arms should not touch the sides of the body.

Sajda (Prostration)

A Female upper part of legs(thighs) must not be upright but in as flat a position as possible with feet slide out to the right. Her stomach should be kept close to the thighs, elbows close to her sides and her hands close to her face with forearms placed flat on the ground.

A Malefingers wrist and elbow should not touch the ground and his arms should not touch the sides of his body, his stomach should stay clear off his tighs. Both feet should be kept upright with toes in contact with ground pointing toward the direction of the Holy Kaaba

Jalsah & Qad'ah- (Sitting Posture)

A Female sits with her buttocks on the floor and slides both feet out to the right. Her thighs must not be upright but in as flat a position as possible. Her fingers should be close together with fingers close together and her hands placed on the lap-close to her knees.

A male assumes an upright sitting position in a manner that the left foot is placed along the ground for the buttocks to rest on and the right foot is kept upright with his toes in contact with the ground and pointing toward the direction of the Holy Kaaba.