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Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim
In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

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Printable Wudhu Chart

(I printed and  stuck it to the inside of the door of my medicine cabinet or it can be laminated)

Wudhu or Ablution is obligatory for Muslims to perform Salah i.e., the five times daily prayer. Wudhu is the use of pure, clean and fresh water to wash parts of the body which are generally exposed (face, forearm, head and feet). The washing of these parts to achieve purification is prescribed by Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran.

The compulsory actions or Four(4)  Fard in Wudhu (Ablution) are as follows:
(Each is only done once (1x)

  1. Washing the face from hair of the forehead to the lower portion of the chin; and across from one ear to the other.
  2. Washing both hands and arms up to the elbows .
  3. Performing the Masa’h (wiping with wet hands, one fourth of one’s head) .
  4. Washing both the feet up to the ankles .

Things or Acts that Nullify or Breaks Wudhu-:                       

  • Excretions from the front or hind private parts (Urine, Feces, blood, wind or any other discharge)
  • Deep Sleep (In Which A Person Is Left With No Sense Of Awareness, Regardless Of Sitting Or Lying Down)
  • Touching One’s Private Part, Without Any Barrier (Such As A Garment)
  • Touching a man or woman with sexual desire 
  •  Loss Of Consciousness Due To Insanity, Fainting, hysteria or intoxication
  •  Vomiting a mouthful or spitting blood ( "Mouthful” means that amount which prevents the mouth from  being closed except with difficulty.)
  •  Emission of  blood or pus from any part of the body


  • When performing Wudhu ensure that the parts of the body are rubbed and washed thoroughly
  • Always start with the right side and then continue on the left side
  • Wash each part three(3) times except the head , ears and neck which should be wiped once
  • When performing Wudhu, ensure that it is a continuous process without any unnecessary time lapse in between
  • Avoid any worldly talk whilst making Wudhu
  • Avoid wasting water even though it may be plentiful
  • Remember to remove all nail polish

The following is an informative video demonstrating the Sunnah way of performing Wudhu (Ablution) along with a printable Wudhu chart.